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Open Blocked Website is a free web proxy anonymizer. It aims to unblocked denied websites, banned websites or blocked websites and offer free web proxy for anonymous web surfing. With Open Blocked Website web proxy, all the banned websites, denied websites, blocked websites and prohibited websites will be surfed and browsed anonymously. Open Blocked Website is the answer to all of these: How to open blocked websites? how to access blocked websites? how to surf the web anonymously? What are the best anonymizer tools for anonymous websurfing?. Enjoy our free web proxy fro anonymous web surfing and access blocked websites

How to use Open Blocked Website free web proxy ( to open blocked websites:

1. Open your internet Browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox.

2. Access (Open Blocked Website) free web proxy by typing or in the address bar.

3. In the Browser area inside our free web proxy website, type the URL of the site you want to unblock and click on the Enter button or just click on surf button.

4. You are done and the website want to unblock is now opened.


Suppose you are working in your company and you are in need to open a proxy listing. A known website used for proxy list is blocked in your browser. How can you open this blocked website? The answer is easy: just do the following:

1. open your internet browser

2. access Open Blocked Website ( free web proxy

3. Type the address of the proxy listing website you want to unblock in the browser and click on the surf button or just press on the Enter button.

4. In case you do not remember the URL address of the website you want to unblock, open a search engine website, like, inside our website unbloker, and then use it to search for the website you need for proxy listing.

Open Blocked Website
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Отвори Блокирани уебсайтове
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Open Blocked Website
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